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Adult Classes

(ages 18+)

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Beginner Tumbling Classes

If you’ve never tumbled before thie will be a fun class for you. (No Experience Neseccary) We cover all the basic skills like front roll, back roll, cartwheels, and handstands. You’ll develop a great foundation of tumbling skills which can be used in the more advanced classes. Or, you’ll just a build up a physical advantage for any other sport. 

Tumbling For Dance

If you want something a bit different and you’re working on acrobatic dance skills then this is the class for you! You’ll be working mainly on front and side aerials. This is a great way to take your dacning to the next level in a safe enviroment. 

(we strongly recommend basic tumbling classes before trying this class) 

Intermediate - Elite Adult Tumbling Classes

You’re an adult. You got the Basics down. You want more! We’ve combined the intermediate through elite tumbling lessons because adults can listen and follow directions better (usually). You’ll learn backhandsprings, tucks, twisting, all that fun stuff. Don’t worry, you’ll learn at your pace. As an adult, you’ll be able to have more control over what skills you want to learn and how fast you progress. 


255 Bell St

Reno NV, 89503