#1 Rule: Be Cool

Respect Coaches, Athletes, Parents, Equipment, and the Facility at all times.


Facility Rules


The Basics

  •       Keep Shoes and Socks off of the Wrestling Mat Area
  •       No Flash Photography, (No Flash Pictures or Video are allowed)
  •       No profanity inside or around the facility
  •       No Smoking inside or around facility
  •       Pick up after yourself. Please keep lobby, restrooms, locker area, and the facility in general clean
  •       If you (the student) or your child is sick, please stay home and rest. Training can wait until you’re healthy
  •       Use footwear when going outside or to the bathroom.
  •       Wash your hands after using the bathroom.
  •       Do not use the bathrooms to change clothes, please use changing rooms.
  •       Please refrain from comments about other students or athletes while in the gym

Before Class

Show Up Early

To help the check-in process and make sure we start classes on time. Please show up 5-10 minutes early so we have the chance to check in for class before it begins. Arriving early will also let the younger athletes use the restroom before class to we don’t waste time during class. 

No Tumbling Without a Coach

Students are NOT allowed on the floor or on any equipment until their designated coach begins instruction at the scheduled class time.

Proper Attire

NO baggy shirts, jewelry, buttoned shorts, denim pants/shorts, or socks. (some socks are ok if they don’t slide/slip on our mats)

Make sure shirts are tight enough or can be tucked in so they don’t flip up when athletes are inverted. No wardrobe malfunctions please.

Long hair must be tied up so it doesn’t get in the way or fall in the eyes as athletes tumble.

We want to keep everyone safe and these things can get caught on coaches while spotting or limit movement while training, which can lead to injury.

Registration Form

Paperwork, complete with signed “Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement,” MUST be filled-out by each participant’s own parent or legal guardian PRIOR to the first/free trial class.

Supervise Young Athletes

Before class make sure your young athletes are supervised before class starts. You may leave once class starts if you choose. *As long as your athletes are completely potty trained*

During Class

Don’t Coach from the Stands

As our coaches are highly qualified, with many years of coaching experience, we ask that parents please refrain from talking to their children while in class. Parental interference disrupts the coach’s instruction of the entire class and can break students focus leading to potential injury.

Preschool Parent-Tot Classes

Preschool Parent-Tot Classes are done with a parent or guardian on the floor, helping out, during class. If you have twins or multiple kids in the same parent-tot class and only one parent/guardian to help out please email info@mythicgymnastics.com so we can bring extra coaches or reduce the class limit for safety reasons.

No Flash Photography! – Photos and Video OK

No Flash Photography! This can distract athletes and lead to injury. Photos without flash and videos are ok… Please tag us @MythicGymnastics and check in on Facebook or social media if you do 🙂 

After Class

Supervised After Class

Parents are responsible for their children before and after class. If you will be late to pick up your child for an unexpected reason, please call the gym at (775)-374-6111 to let the MYTHIC GYMNASTICS staff know you are running late. If athletes will be waiting for siblings they need to be supervised.

Finishing Class

For non-preschool classes we will finish about 5 minutes early to give parents time to ask questions or just talk to the coaches. We also finish a little early to allow coaches to prepare and check in students for the next class.


Signup & Tuition

Note: All class reservations will be done through the Mindbody software.

Step #1: Signup For Mindbody Account

Click Here to setup a Mindbody account.

Reserving Classes

Before reserving classes, you will need to select and paid for a Class Contract. If you have any problems or need help with registration please email info@mythicgymnastics.com.

You will be able to reserve any class that is skill level and age appropriate for your athlete.

Annual Membership Fee

There is a $25 annual membership fee for each year you or your child is enrolled at MYTHIC GYMNASTICS. We offer a family maximum rate of $50 per year for our students. Billing statements for Membership renewals will be e-mailed in the month prior to the anniversary date.


Tuition contracts will be billed monthly on based on the day of signup. You can change this in your Mindbody account.

At this point we are very limited on space therefore we are a Cash Free business. Tuition may be paid by credit card (Visa, Mastercard or AMEX). Please email info@mythicgymnastics.com  with questions if you need help in the signing up for classes.

If a card transaction is declined, we will notify you by email. After 10 days a $20 late fee will be applied to your account.

​Please keep in mind, failure to pay tuition or fees may result in the student’s removal from classes.

Cancellation Policy


You can cancel any ongoing contract at any time by signing into your Mindbody account and select which contracts, classes, or sessions you’d like to cancel.

Cancel Single Class Session

To cancel a class session, you can sign into your Mindbody account and select which session/class you’d like to cancel. To be able to makeup your cancelled class we ask that you do it 24 hours before the start of that class. We do this so that athletes on the waitlist have time to change their schedule and your slot won’t be taken away from someone that can make it.

Make up Policy

If you cancel a reservation more than 24 hours in advance you will be able to use that as a makeup class. You can reserve any other class with the appropriate type and age group OR you can use a trial class timeslot. Use the mindbody account to select which class/time you would like to reserve as makeup.

Transfer Policy

Do you want to switch to another class time or day? Please check into the mindbody app to see if there is a comparable class that is open.

Any Trial Class Timeslot “might possibly” be changed into your preferred class type. To check if that will be available please email Info@mythicgymnastics.com and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Cancel All Classes

To cancel all classes & sessions, you can sign into your Mindbody account and select which session/class you’d like to cancel. Note: Cancelling reserved classes will not cancel any ongoing contracts!

Account Pause

If you would like to pause your account please email Info@mythicgymnastics.com and we can put your account on pause if you have vacation or need to stop classes for a determined amount of time.

Other Stuff

Medical Policy

Mythic Gymnastics, its instructors and staff, will not and cannot be responsible for administering or storing medication of any type, prescribed or not. If medication is necessary, it should be given by the parent. Additionally, MYTHIC GYMNASTICS will not be responsible for monitoring the student for adverse reactions to any medications or other materials given to them by parents or other students.

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