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Tumbling Lv.1

This class builds a foundation of basic skills, coordination, and strength. Rolls, Cartwheels, Roundoffs, and Handstands will be the focus. With a good foundation, athletes will be able to safely work on more difficult skills in Lv.2 or Tumbling for Dance Classes.


Tumbling Lv.2

This class builds upon Lv.1 skills to develop handsprings and running tumbling skills. At this level athletes will begin to develop power and control needed to start Lv.3 Tumbling Classes.


Tumbling for Dance

This class is designed to help dancers learn more acrobatic dance moves safely. In addition, athletes will spend more time on flexibility. Lv.1 Tumbling skill evaluation must be done before enrolling in this class.


Tumbling Lv.3

This class is an introduction to flips and more advanced tumbling skills. We will cover standing back tucks and running tumbling through layouts. We will also introduce basic twisting drills to help develop the air awareness necessary to move up to Lv.4 Tumbling.

Tumbling Lv.4


This class starts with twisting skills like backward and forward fulls. This is the most advanced tumbling class offered at this point. Unfortunately we currently don’t have the proper facility to work on double flipping skills safely. However athletes will develop the power and control needed to accomplish those skills when we move into a new facility.

About Coach Kyle

Coach Kyle has 15 years (since 2003) of coaching experience between Reno/Sparks, Maryland, and Hawaii. He also has 8 years experience as a competition judge, which has strengthened his technical gymnastics knowledge.

Outside of gymnastics, Kyle became a certified engineer and has since brought those skills back to the sport, designing gymnastics equipment for the past 7 years. He helped design and patent the T-trainer, a crossover-training device that allows gymnasts to practice more drill repetitions with less stress on the body.

Through Mythic Gymnastics, Kyle and his trained staff will help children learn new skills, expand their imaginations and improve their abilities — all on their awesome journey to becoming their own heroes.

The Wizard Coaching Method

Wizard Coaching Method uses fundamental positive psychology principles to make progression fun and energizing for gymnasts. We train our coaches to talk to young gymnasts with compassion and clarity, which in turn helps kids become more open and responsive.

Continued growth in this sport requires unwavering support, and that’s what the Wizard Coaching Method provides to young gymnasts. We consistently focus on positive and constructive corrections to help children improve their skills and push past personal barriers.


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