Mythic Gymnastics will be the newest youth gymnastics facility providing a range of gymnastics classes to the Reno/Sparks community. Mythic Gymnastics was founded by Kyle “Coach Kyle” Thalman, an engineer, gymnastics coach, and former gymnast invested in the health and happiness of gymnasts in our area. Coach Kyle developed the Wizard Coaching Method, a series of coaching techniques rooted in positive psychology. Our coaches are trained with this method to provide more effective coaching while keeping things fun for the kids.

We will be the next youth gymnastics facility providing preschool, recreational, and competitive classes to kids ages 18 months to 18 years and adults that want to work on recreational gymnastics skills. Our goal is to be up in running by Fall of 2020!

Mythic Gymnastics is built on positivity, community and mindful coaching so kids can become their own heroes in a safe and fun environment. In order to accomplish this, we need funding for a new facility and other start-up expenses.

We’re actively raising capital to secure a location for our gymnastics facility. Whether you’re seeking an alternative investment opportunity to contribute to our community or you’re a well-connected community member with contacts to share, we thank you for helping make Mythic Gymnastics a reality.

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